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Local Carpet Cleaner offers mobile steam carpet cleaning services in and around Auckland. Steam cleaning can provide a much deeper cleansing than simply vacuuming, and can help to remove bacteria. Upholstery cleaning are also available.

Car Seat Shampoo

If you’re like most car owners, you probably tend to focus on cleaning the exterior of your car, while ignoring the interior, leaving it to accumulate dirt, dust, and food residue. Your car’s upholstery tends to take a beating, especially if the majority of your life is spent on the go.

If you have kids and pets, your auto upholstery can get downright disgusting. If your car’s upholstery is marred by different spills, stains, and grime. Learn how to effectively clean your car’s interior with these useful car upholstery cleaner. We Local Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner is formulated to clean your car seats, quickly and effectively. It has been formulated with grease cutters and stain lifters, to help penetrate deep into the fabric fibres and remove grease, dirt, odours and other contaminants easily.